River to River Bakery & Pizza

River to River Bakery & Pizza, located on the west side of Adel’s historic courthouse square, opened as Brick Street Bakery in 2016.

We make fresh doughnuts, breads, bagels and other pastries from scratch every day of the week and roast our own coffee beans. In 2020, we started making pizza and selling slices during lunch and in 2021 expanded into the evenings.

Our appreciation for history (the Bakery's patio was built with bricks once used as pavement for streets around the courthouse square) helped inspire our choice of the name River to River. The old River to River Road created the first direct route, through Main Street along the square in Adel, from the Missouri River to the Mississippi and greatly contributed to the good roads movement in Iowa.

As a Raccoon Forks microbusiness, River to River Bakery & Pizza provides job opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Employees at the Bakery receive one-on-one job coaching and the support they need to build skills and be successful on the job.