Plain Talk Books & Coffee

Plain Talk Books & Coffee, established in 2009 as Optimae’s first microbusiness, is an independent neighborhood bookstore, coffee shop, breakfast and lunch cafe located in the East Village. 

Plain Talk features a diverse and sophisticated selection of new and used books, with hidden treasures and classics lining the shelves in a welcoming and charming environment. Plain Talk offers a full coffee shop drink menu, and brews only organic, fair-trade coffee from Just Coffee Co-op in Madison, Wis.

Plain Talk has developed an extensive, locally sourced (when possible) breakfast and lunch menu, including eggs from Raccoon Forks Farms and pastries from Brick Street Bakery. Its one-of-a-kind sandwiches and homemade soups have earned city-wide renown. 

Plain Talk has become known for hosting events, too, like Art Bazaar, and live music and entertainment. Plain Talk sells records by local musicians and art made by local artists. 

As a Raccoon Forks microbusiness, Plain Talk provides job opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Employees at Plain Talk receive one-on-one job coaching and the support they need to build skills and be successful on the job.