Raccoon Forks Farms newsletter — Sept. 18, 2018

Dear Friends and CSA Partners –

We didn’t know this until a couple of days ago, but apparently September is National Chicken Month – so we’d like to wish you a happy National Chicken Month! And to say – thank you, chickens!

It may not feel like fall this week, but fall’s coming, and our plants know it. We’re harvesting winter squashes as well as sweet potatoes – that always feels like fall! And we’re continuing to plant fall crops in the high tunnel – most recently, more spinach.

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D.M. Register calls Railroad Bill’s ‘The East Village’s best-kept secret’

The Des Moines Register called Railroad Bill's Dining Car "the East Village's best-kept secret" in a very nice write up posted on its website on Wednesday

The Register article had good things to say about the simplicity, affordability and quality of our menu.

Railroad Bill's "is the perfect place to have time-honored diner food that's fast, inexpensive, filling and delicious," the article said.

The Register article goes on to detail the role of Railroad Bill's and neighbor Raccoon Forks Trading Company as Raccoon Forks businesses. Both businesses provide jobs and job training to individuals with disablities and other barriers to employment.

"Plus, your breakfast or lunch goes toward a good cause," the article said. 

The article appreciated the atmosphere at Railroad Bill's created by our nearly 100-year old building (originally home to the American Railway Express Company) and our passion for historic preservation. 

"It still has its original wood floors, giving even more character to the already charming space," it said. 

We truly appreciate the exposure and kind words and want to thank the Register for visiting!

Raccoon Forks Farms newsletter — Sept. 11, 2018

Dear Friends and CSA Partners –

Think we’ve had enough rain for a while? It’s great to be seeing the sun again!

Although it got plenty muddy last week at both of our farms, our plants generally weren’t distressed by all the water. Shows you how dry things had been previously, maybe. We have had problems with insects, though, recently. They’re the reason that while we planned to send you collard greens in last week’s CSA vegetables shares, we didn’t – when we went to pick the collards, they had been attacked. We apologize for having focused so much on collards in last week’s newsletter, and then not sending any! We’re hoping to get past the insects and be able to share another harvest of collards before the end of the season.

Weather and insects have taken a toll on our harvests this summer, more than some years. We don’t want to sound whiny about this; we just want to reflect the realities of farming to you, and for you to understand how disappointed we are that we haven’t been able to send you certain wonderful vegetables this summer! For instance, weirdly, our Early Purple Vienna kohlrabi never formed bulbs this summer:



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