Raccoon Forks Farms newsletter – June 11, 2019

Dear Friends and CSA Partners –

We hope this finds you well! It’s been a busy week at the Farms – of course, we could write that every week!

We’re continuing to plant: this week, we’re planting winter squashes, Brussels sprouts, more basil (we’ve already got a bunch of basil planted, but there’s no such thing as too much, right?), cabbages, and melons.

Okra, planted last week

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Raccoon Forks Farms newsletter – June 4, 2019

Dear Friends and CSA Partners –

Happy summer, and welcome to the start of our summer CSA season! This is the first of the weekly newsletters we’ll be sending you to accompany your shares. We’ll update you on what’s happening at the Farms, and we’ll include information on using, storing, and preserving your shares, with an emphasis on produce. We’ll also send you alerts and updates, as needed, such as when we’ll be delivering during the week of July 4th!

A couple of important reminders:

 - Please make sure that the shares you pick up have your name on them

 - If you have a vegetables share, please remember 1) to transfer the contents of the box into your own box or bags, 2) to unfold the CSA box, and 3) to leave the CSA box for us to pick up and re-use – thanks for doing this!

 - If you signed up for a fruit share, the first week of fruit will probably be in early July (we’ll keep you posted about that), and

 - Please share your favorite recipes for eggs, produce, and chicken with us so we can share them with the rest of the CSA group! And if you send us photos of the dishes you create, we’d love to include them in the newsletter!

If you have questions any time during the CSA season, please let us know.

Thank you again for participating in our CSA! You support us in our dual missions: offering employment and job-coaching to people with disabilities and mental illness; and farming sustainably to raise fresh, healthy, local, chemical-free food. We’re excited to share this year’s harvests with you!

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Raccoon Forks Farms newsletter – May 1, 2019

Dear Friends of Raccoon Forks Farms –

We hope this email finds you well! Our hearts are with everyone who's coping with flooding, and we hope that you and your loved ones are all okay. Fingers crossed for kinder weather to come!

We're lucky that neither of our farms is flood-prone, and we're progressing as usual with spring planting. When we last wrote to you, it was just starting to get warmer, and wild plants were just starting to get a little bit green around the edges. But now – we’re into a really great time of year! Spring has sprung, and we’re going full speed getting plants and seeds into our fields. The cold-hardy, early season vegetables are in – broccoli, cabbages, peas, fennel, spinach, beets, and so forth. The potatoes and onions are planted, too, and the garlic, which we planted last fall, is coming up!

Cabbages, broccoli, and spinach

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