Brick Street Bakery

Brick Street Bakery, located on the west side of Adel’s historic courthouse square, opened in 2016 to meet the growing demand for baked goods and pastries from Brick Street Books & Cafe

We make fresh doughnuts, breads, bagels and other pastries from scratch every day of the week. In 2020, we started making pizza and selling slices during the lunch hour on weekdays with an eye toward expanding into evenings and weekends soon. We serve fresh, locally roasted coffee from our friends at Raccoon Forks Foods in Ames. 

Enjoy an excellent view of the Dallas County courthouse and square from our large patio, made from repurposed brick formerly used in nearby streets. 

As a Raccoon Forks microbusiness, Brick Street Bakery provides job opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Employees at the Bakery receive one-on-one job coaching and the support they need to build skills and be successful on the job.